Where Should You Position an Oil Tank?

We often get asked about where an oil tank needs to be positioned… So here are the guidelines you need to follow for your tank to be legal and safe (guidance issued by OFTEC).

Your number one priority is ensuring your tank is stored away from a fire or a heat source.

Tanks should also be:

➡1.8 metres away from non-fire rated eaves of a building or non-fire rated buildings such as garden sheds.

➡1.8 metres away from openings such as doors or windows in a fire rated building such as a brick-based house or garage.

➡760 millimetres away from any non-fire rated boundaries such as a wooden fence. (Non-fire rated means materials or items that haven’t been tested or proven to reduce or inhibit fire spread)

➡600 millimetres from any foliage.

For more information about the guidelines visit: https://www.oftec.org/…/home-guide-to-domestic-liquid

If you have any questions about positioning your oil tank, then get in touch with our team here