Coal Storage and bunkers here at Tanks 2 U

Where you decide to store your coal bunker, will largely depend on how much space you have, whether it’s inside or outside.

For outside storage, the important thing to remember is to keep your coal covered and protected so that it stays dry. One of the best coal storage solutions is a dedicated coal bunker. Bunkers have plenty of storage space and are easy to use, with a bottom panel to allow quick and convenient access to your coal.

A coal bunker fits in nicely at many types of property, holding differing quantities of coal without any disruption to the look of your garden.

We can provide 3 different sizes of coal bunker to suit all requirements:

150KG capacity – The CB1 model can accommodate approximately 3cwt / 3 bags of Group 2 Household Coal.

300KG capacity – The CB2 model can accommodate approximately 6cwt / 6 bags of Group 2 Household Coal.

500KG capacity – The CB3 model can accommodate approximately 10cwt / 10 bags of Group 2 Household Coal.

Harlequin coal bunkers are tough, durable, lightweight and weatherproof storage.

Check them out on our online shop or contact us if you have any questions / queries.