Plastic tanks can deteriorate, buckle and bow under hot and cold conditions. It’s important to keep an eye out on any suspect marks, cracks or lightened areas of plastic. Always check your tank for even innocuous hairline cracks as these can cause issues, particularly when a tank is refilled.

A single skin tank is literally just that, one layer of plastic that contains the oil or liquid inside. They are generally cheaper than bunded (2-layer tanks) but are less secure. Most domestic and commercial customers will opt for 2 layer, bunded tanks but in England and Scotland you can use single skin tanks in some situations.  We always recommend employing an OFTEC approved engineer to carry out an ‘oil storage risk assessment’ before you consider installing a single skin tank.

Over the past 20 years, European legislation has transformed our vehicles and the impact they have on the environment. In larger cars and vehicles, you may have come across the […]