Check your fuel tank now!

Essential Checks for your Fuel Tank this Winter

The Environment Agency is urging people to check their storage tanks for leaks to protect the environment and reduce the risk of potentially large financial losses.” This is a real risk to both the environment and your pocket. Some household insurances do not fully protect you in the event of an oil spillage, just 2 litres of oil can cause serious damage.

Safety Check List – Here is a list of some visual checks you can do yourself:

1. Tank base – is it flat even and showing no signs of subsidence?

2. All tanks – look for any signs of leakage or smell.

3. Is the tank distorted at all? Especially plastic tanks.

4. Are there any signs of corrosion or cracks? Look out for hairline cracks on plastic tanks and rust on steel ones.

5. Are there plants growing up, near or under your tank?

6. Has your fuel consumption suddenly gone up more than you would expect for winter?

7. Check the oil line for signs of damage or leakage.

Also see for info on Regulations.

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