Privacy Policy

Tanks 2 U treats your privacy seriously. No internet connection, e-mail or website communication can ever be guaranteed to be absolutely secure. But at all times, we promise to do our very best to protect privacy and the information you provide to us.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the standards you can normally expect from Tanks 2 U and the activities that we may undertake with any information you provide. Please take the time to read it:

Personal Information

Occasionally, it may be necessary to ask you to provide us with personal information to assist you. Some examples of this include:

If you have a query or concern about a product supplied by Tanks 2 U

If you request that we provide you with information e.g. contact details of a local reseller or product installer

If you ask to be contacted by Tanks 2 U or a third party acting on behalf of Tanks 2 U

When you contact us, we may ask for the following information:

Your name, home or business address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, website and details about any Harlequin products installed on your premises.

Miscellaneous data relating to a request for product or for general assistance

Sometimes it may be necessary to pass your details to third parties acting on behalf of Tanks 2 U. Examples may include:

Product installers

Couriers, hauliers and delivery companies

Government agencies and statutory authorities

Sub-contractors acting on behalf of Tanks 2 U

We may use some of the information you provide to us to assist with:

The development of new products and services

The identification of customer and market trends

Better understanding our customers and their requirements

Other activities relating to our business, our products and services

However, as a responsible Marketer, Tanks 2 U will never:

Sell, rent or hire any information you provide to us to any unrelated third parties

Knowingly release any information your provide to us into the public domain

Provide any information to third parties without your prior agreement

Visitor and Traffic Monitoring

Like many websites, this website uses cookies. Cookies allow us to find out more about our website and about the people who visit it and can also allow us to personalize your visit to our website.

We also gather information about your visit to this website and store it in log files. This information may be retained indefinitely. Some of this information may also be shared with third parties e.g. Crafty Devil, our website and e-business providers; Google, who provide various website statistics to us.

This information is used to help make our website better and to improve the quality of each visit. This information will never be:

Sold, rented or hired to any unrelated third parties

Knowingly released into the public domain

Used directly to try and sell you products on behalf of Tanks 2 U


If you do not accept the contents of our Privacy Policy, the revocable User License issued to you when you first accessed this website is withdrawn. This means you must terminate your visit to this website immediately.

By continuing to use this website, you are deemed to have accepted our Privacy Policy.

Queries or Questions?

If you should have any queries or questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact:

The Marketing Manager

Suffolk Oil Solutions t/a Tanks 2 U

9 Beechcroft