2450L Atlantis Bunded AdBlue Tank ADBH2450



2450L Atlantis Bunded AdBlue Tank dispenser which is suitable for commercial use.

The liquid is stored in the primary or inner tank and the outer tank forms the required bund with capacity for 110% of the primary tank’s capacity. This tank is suitable for the storage of AdBlue®.  A bunded tank is a tank within a tank, as a result the outer tank provides protection for the inner tank making it harder for the inner tank to fail but in the unlikely event of the inner tank failing, the outer tank will provide secondary containment.

Manufactured in the UK and moulded from Polyethylene using a rotational moulding process consequently, this produces a stress-free product. Furthermore, the Polymer used includes additives which make it resistant to harmful UV rays from the sun and with correct installation and general on-going care, these products have a long life ahead of them with very little or no maintenance required.


This tank complies with: Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England & Wales) 2002 PPG2 and carries CE approval (The CE number is present on the tank).  As a result, this tank complies with current environmental standards.

  • 2450 litre (540 galls) capacity
  • 2” fill point
  • 4” inspection hatch (screw cap)
  • Clock face contents gauge
  • Lockable outer bund lid
Equipment Options – please add to order notes which one you would like:
  • 230v Pump Kit (Includes: Pump, 4m Hose, Auto Nozzle) – £0.00
  • 12v Pump Kit (Includes: Pump, 4m Hose, Auto Nozzle) – £0.00
  • 24v Pump Kit (Includes: Pump, 4m Hose, Auto Nozzle) – £0.00
  • 110v Pump Kit (Includes: Pump, 4m Hose, Auto Nozzle)
  • Digital Flow Meter
  • 1-year pump warranty
  • 12-year tank warranty (each tank is provided with a warranty manual)
  • Length: 2250mm
  • Width: 1450mm
  • Height: 1700mm
  • Weight: 220kg


5-8 working days

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