Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm • AA Battery Powered – warranty of 3 years – FA6813


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With the latest sensing technology, a clear loud alarm and BSI Kitemark approvals, this Carbon Monoxide Alarm offers the highest level of CO detection. 

  • A Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is the only way to alert residents to the presence of Carbon Monoxide within a property, even at low levels. CO also known as ‘the silent killer’ is a gas which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt but can result in CO poisoning and illness or in some cases death. CO forms when the fuel in products, such as boilers, fires and ovens does not burn completely. Regular servicing of these products can reduce the risk of CO being present but it cannot completely remove the risk.
  • Fitted with advanced electrochemical sensing technology, an accurate and proven method of sensing carbon monoxide. Fireangel CO alarms are calibrated and tested in CO gas, designed to accurately measure low levels of CO to provide the earliest warning.
  • For quick and easy installation Fireangel CO alarms are fitted with two AA batteries, which has been tested rigorously to ensure endurance and reliability. Once installed, this alarm will protect against CO for 3 years.  Battery replacements may be required during this time.
  • Low-battery warning sound which can be suppressed for 8 hours using the test button.
  • Supplied with 2 x AA batteries, which can be replaced when needed.
  • Can be wall mounted or left portable to be positioned where required.
  • Suitable for private and rented homes in England, Ireland and Wales. Not suitable for properties in Scotland