Harlequin 1400L Fuel Point 1400FP- Diesel



Bunded Plastic Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank, rotationally moulded from a premium grade of fuel resistant, Medium Density Polyethylene and supplied complete with:

NEW 240v Electric Pump with 60lpm Nominal Flow Rate
NEW 2” BSP Lockable Fill Point with Screw Cap and Chain
NEW 4” Lockable Inspection Point with Plastic Screw Cap
NEW LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability
Tank Vent
Fuel Tank Contents Dipstick
Lockable Access
4 metre Diesel resistant Delivery Hose with Three Stage Automatic Shut Off Nozzle
Additionally, the following optional tank equipment can be supplied upon request and at additional cost:

NEW 10 micron Particulate Filter
Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge
Bund Warning Alarm
Factory fitted Mechanical Flow Meter with Resettable Batch Totaliser

Bunded Tank suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel and BioDiesel grades up to B5, produced in accordance with the requirements of BS/IS EN14214 at agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional premises.

Diameter: 1570 mm
Height: 1930 mm
Weight: 147 kg
Actual Capacity: 1487 litres
Nominal Capacity: 1413 litres