Harlequin 5000L Fuel Point 5000FP AGRI – Diesel



This 5000-litre Fuel Point AGRI is an ideal choice for on-site refuelling requirement for farms and agribusinesses. It’s environment-friendly bunded design allows it to safely store and dispense fuel in any small commercial, industrial or agricultural environment. This simple and easy to use diesel storage and dispensing solution is manufactured from high-quality mouldings and materials. It can be customised further by adding fuel dispensing accessories such as a mechanical flow meter and a particulate filter.

Height: 2,210mm
Length: 2,360mm
Width: 2,360mm
Weight: 350KG
Capacity: 5,314 litres


Fully Bunded
Large lockable access door
56L/min 230volt fuel pump
6m length; 1” delivery hose
Auto shut-off nozzle
2” BSP (M) fill point
4” lockable inspection cap