Harlequin Single Skin Plastic Oil Tanks are for installation either at residential premises where a Bunded Oil Tank is not required, or within a suitably bunded area.

All Harlequin Single Skin Oil Tanks are supplied complete with:
4” Lockable Inspection Point
2” Lockable BSP(M) Fill Point;
Integral, Weatherproof Vent;
1” BSP Bottom Outlet;
32mm Oil Tank Contents Gauge Fitting Point.
Harlequin Single Skin Oil Tanks can be supplied complete with an optional tankpack upon request and at additional cost. Each Tankpack comprises an Apollo electronic oil tank contents gauge and bottom outlet oil tank fitting kit. To complete the installation, just connect the oil supply line!

Important Information
Please be aware that prior to the installation of any Single Skin Tank, a recognised Risk Assessment must be completed.

Product Information

Maximum Capacity: 1317 litres
Nominal Capacity: 1251 litres
Length: 1740 mm
Width: 1320 mm
Height: 825 mm
Material: MDPE
UV Stabilised: Yes

Delivery 3-5 weeks

Please note that it is illegal to install a single skin oil tank in many instances. Please refer to local Building Regulations for further info.