The Tanks2U Guide to Using Collected Rainwater Safely

If you are planning to harvest your rainwater into a specialised tank, do make yourself familiar with the Health & Safety rules first! 

Never drink collected rainwater that has not been filtered. While you can use filtered water for gardening, landscaping, and washing cars, it’s important that the water collected goes through a decontamination process before it can be consumed.

It’s advisable not to water your vegetables with collected rainwater that has not yet been filtered. Instead use the unfiltered rainwater for gardening, use it on flowers, trees, shrubs, as well as other types of plants that are not edible.

Don’t use harvested rainwater for a paddling or swimming pool. Any bacteria, parasites, fungi or even viruses on it are harmful to the skin, eyes, mouth, and even internal organs. 

To prevent contamination don’t allow collected rainwater to pool anywhere in your property or in your collection system. This is especially relevant in warmer climates where mosquitoes can lay eggs in small pools of water and breed.

Make sure that every storage tank is secured. Water storage tanks are bulky and could cause injuries if they fall on people. They are also drowning hazards for children and animals so need a secure lid.

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